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John Taylor Wagner paintings capture moments of presence, love and joy combining both figurative and gestural, abstracted language, working with the human form and glimpses of nature. His bright paintings are rich with color and narrative. The are inspired by moments of human connection, either witnessed or experienced, as well as his own longing for tender moments during many times of transition, dislocation, and loneliness.


Wagner's paintings invite warm pause and curiosity. In these times that often feel grim, each painting is an invitation to step into, rather than isolate from, the inherent familiarity of the human experience.


John Taylor Wagner is an American artist born in 1985. Originally from Winter Park, Florida, he now lives and works in a studio near Los Angeles, California. Though a student of classical realism drawing, he is primarily a self-taught painter.


His work was recently published in Divide Magazine, and selected by Dr. Harry Cooper, Senior Curator and Head of Modern Art at The National Gallery of Art Washington, d.c. to be featured in the Visual Arts Alliance (VAA) Houston’s 37th Annual Juried Exhibition, participated in a virtual group show in London, and is at work on a series of paintings exploring these themes.

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